Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Aaron Feaver

His own personal style of photographs beats your eyes and gets your attention. He chooses beautiful girls for his photos and somehow, he always manage to make them look even more pretty - plus a bit mysterious, not ordinary. It is like if Aaron was looking at this world from a completely different ankle than all of us and got to see much more than we ever can.

What does the artist say:

1. Where were you born, do you still live there and do you wish you lived somewhere else?

- I was born in South Caroline, but my family never really lived there, and I've lived all over. I live in Los Angeles right now, and I'm happy here.

2. How did it all become? Do you remember if there was a particular reason why you started taking photographs?
- I'd been taking photos casually for a few years, but I remember being really inspired by several photographers' fashion photos a few years ago and thinking I'd maybe like to do that.

3. What equipment do you use?
- I use a bunch of different cameras. For medium format a Pentax 6x7. For 35mm a Nikon FM2, Canon AE-1, Olympus Stylus Epic and Vivitar Ultra Wide & Slim. For Polaroids an SLR680 or a 250 pack camera. For digital a Canon SLR.

4. Where do you go for inspiration? What makes ou keep shooting?
- Well I have my photo blog where I collect inspiring photos by other photographers. There are a lot of other great fashion sites on the internet, and I visit them regularly. I'm also inspired by old movies and vintage clothing stores.

5. What are your interests beside photography?
- I'm also a graphic designer, so I'm into all that design-y stuff: typography, color, etc. I also like interior design a lot, and music. Oh and older movies. The usual.

6. Who are your favourite photographers/painters/musicians/film-makers?
- I like too many photographers to list. Painters, gosh, I guess I really like JMW Turner and Mark Rothko. Musicians too many to list. Filmmakers, I love Preston Sturges and Stanley Kubrick.

7. Tell us what does your usual day look like..
- My days usually start with me making coffee and sometimes breakfast for myself and my girlfriend. We'll drink coffee in bed, maybe read a little bit. If it's a weekend we've probably got a shoot (she styles a lot of shoots for me) so we'll meet with the makeup artist and hair stylist and model and hang out while they do their thing. Then we'll drive to the location and take pictures until the sun goes down. In the evenings we usually watch movies or play music or go to shows.

8. If you were a thing what would it be?
- I guess maybe a flat file.

9. And the last question - what was your last seen exhibition or movie?
- I don't go to exhibitions as much as I should. The last movie I saw was…let's see…I think I rewatched No Country for Old Men, which I love.

Go show some love to his art at flickr or blog. He also has a facebook page. And he runs a very pretty and inspiring photography blog.


Eight Line Poem said...

I feel like such a stalker, I've been watching his work for a while now and I find it fascinating and beautiful. I even lost better words for his work. so wonderful

Sylvie said...

these photos are SO amazing!

Mehmet Tuncel said...

your works are wonderful.. conratulations..