Saturday, 30 October 2010

Laura Makabresku

She has hair like not many people and a look many men (and women) would die for. She takes her photos in a not common way - dead animals, woods, herself and her Man. It seems like she would like to capture her inside world she lives in, seems like she has a message for us - I don´t need your world, I have my own.
The tones in which her photographs usually are is so unique you could say, out of seeing one of that pictures, it is taken by her. You would hardly find someone so themselves as she is, with such a strong personality (I would say) she has. And that is exactly what you see in her photos.

Read the good-night story and let her take you far from here:

1. What is your real name? Do you wish you had any other name? Or did you ever use a pseudonym?
- my real name is laura kamila kansy. laura makabresku is my alias which I use since I can remember and which has a great value for me ("makabresku" is sth terrifying and grotesque simultaneously like some nightmares. I try to make my works in the way so they would remind dreams - strange and with unrest). "Kamila" is my "bright" side, "Laura" is the other one, "dark" (it's connected with schizophrenia - cutting off from another personality it's easier to interpret some of behaviours, but it's a long story).

2. Where do you live and for how long? Your wish-I-lived-in country?
- since my birth I live in poland (so it's 22 years). it's a very misterious land, which I link with witches that lives in forests. there's a lot of dark magic here. since I went to study, I live in Cracow (it's an old Polish capital city) - full of old apartment houses, hackneys and pigeons.

3. A little about your art - when did you find out you like photography? What was your first photo ever taken?
- I've discovered photography thanks to my Lad. It was him, who gave me my first camera when we met. I've started to gather photos to our own library to have a keepsake from places where we went and tracks that we left on our skins. the first photo I took was him. it was a long walk, when we drank wine and kissed each other.

4. Do you produce any other kind of art?
- before I've started with photography I had other passion - literature. since I am 13 I write poems. they are generally love poems, erotic. I would like to publish a book in future - autobiography, in which I would tell a story about Laura and Kamila (about schizophrenia).

5. Share a few things you love and you couldn´t live without, please.
- I love music, poetry, white wine (traminer graft), rose milk for body and darszan scent. the only thing that I could not live without is my Lad. anyway.. we want to die togehter but it's... a different story.

6. And a few things you can´t stand?
- cold in my feets, lack of sensitivity, lack of emotions.

7. Where do you go for inspiration?
- I'm inspired by sensitivity and darkness. I think that much of my inspiration I obtain from my sickness (or maybe should I say a gift rather than sickness?)

8. Do you have your favourite photographers?
- favourites? I can't tell now. there was a time when I hold works of paolo roversi in great esteem. today I'm bored with them, I have a felling that he stoped and discontinued his development. I do admire some photographers from flickr but it's too many of them to count.

9. Do you have any favourite animal? Is there any reason why?
- I love owls. maybe because they are symbol of death and darkness. they are connected with forests which unrests with their secrets. I like foxes too. anyway.. I have in my home plenty of dead animals from my grandfather. sometimes I feel that I grew up beside death.

10. ...
I don't have anything in common with myself

Find Laura at her flickr and deviantArt.


Teresa said...

I really like her. I always seem to like photographers from nordic countries...

Good selection Layla! :)

NabilaHazirah said...

Wow,I think the photos are gorgeous! Her hair is beautiful. I like that she's inspired by sensitivity and darkness,i think that's beautiful.


Erica said...

beautiful! Her hair is amazing!

v smyrniotis said...

I really love this feature. Thank you for sharing, or else I doubt I'd have stumbled upon such a lovely photographer.

roma said...

love the idea with a short interview with the photographers. she realls seems to be a very special and unique person.
i'm sure she has a strong personality.
what an impressive woman. thank you for sharing.