Saturday, 6 November 2010

Katherine White

A Russian artist with her real name Ekaterina, who makes an amazing self-portraits. With such a beauty and innocence, she captures every weakness of hers - without any fear to be hurt from the outside. Her softness with which she makes her art is breathtaking. At most of her photos you can see her at the time when she is not really strong, more hurt and afraid - like a little sad kitten. From what I have seen she is a complicated personality and needs much more understanding than she gets.
(But of course she is not only a self-portrait artist, she also takes pictures of nature and the world around. And those photos deserve attention, too.)

Read the artist´s words:

1. Do you wish you had any other name than you have? Or did you ever use a pseudonym?
- I usually use "Kate" in the internet, because I like it too, it's an analog for my real name and it's less complicated. Most of the time I use "cloudnine" as a screen name, I like how it sounds, and I got used to it.

2. Where do you live and for how long? Your wish-I-lived-in country?
- I live in Moscow, Russia, for my whole life. I was born here. I traveled quite a lot, and sometimes I wish to move to another country, but I'm not sure it's possible for me now, as I haven't finished my university yet, and I don't know any ways for immigration.

3. A little about your art - when did you find out you like photography? What was your first photo ever taken? And what equipment do you use?
- I started taking photographs about 6 years ago, with my parents' digital compact, and after some time I realized I liked it, so I asked for a more "professional" camera for my 16th birthday, that's when the real journey started. I've been taking photographs with Nikon D70 for 4 years, and then a year and a half ago I upgraded it with Nikon D90. Sometimes I use film cameras, such as Nikon F80, Olympus XA2, Seagull 4B-I and some other. I'm planning to get some serious medium format, and now I'm in a process of collecting money for it.

4. Do you produce any other kind of art?
- I don't count it as art, but I draw occasionally, also I enjoy knitting and making little notebooks.

5. Share a few things you love and you couldn´t live without.
- I like music and books, does it count? (oh, sure it does, why not?)

6. And a few things you can´t stand?
- I can't stand big noisy crowds, as I'm quite introverted, a little bit antisocial and lone. And many other things.

7. Where do you go for inspiration?
- Right now I'm out of it, but I watch movies, explore new music and look at other photographers' work.

8. Do you have your favourite photographers?
- My favorites are Stephen Shore, Paolo Roversi, Jonathan Leder, Adam Golfer, Joel Sternfeld, Gregory Crewdson, Jeff Brouws and others.

9. What is your favourite thing to do?
- To be in some beautiful place and have a camera with me, so I can take a chance in capturing the view.

Give some well-deserved feedback to this great photographer at her flickr and at her lovely blog.


Joanna "Juana" Gałuszka said...

Wow, great idea for a blog. I look forward to further interviews.

Boris said...

Nice collection. I like the second but last one..


Wyższa Szkoła Artystyczna said...


Alice said...

Thanks for sharing. What lovely photos!

Layla Jaglovs said...

yes, they are really lovely. I personally prefer the first and the second one.. they just feel to be taken right into my mood and feelings.
Thanks everyone.

Teresa said...

There is something about nordic photographers. Russia, sweeden... they breed awesome photographers, it seems. Ekaterina is just another example of this.

Love her! :)

Layla Jaglovs said...

yeah, that´s true. maybe they have something special in their blood that just makes them... awesome. ;)