Wednesday, 17 November 2010


I don´t think I am going to say anything to this man. Just.. please, be kind to his english, he really tried. And you don´t t need any language for his photographs, so let´s break the language barrier.

His words:

1. What´s your real name? Do you wish you had any other name? Or did you ever use a pseudonym?
- My name is Alexander. I like my name. Vinternete I use a pseudonym - Sirbion.

2. Where do you live and for how long? Your wish-I-lived-in country?
- I live in Russia in the city of Voronezh. Always wanted to live in Finland, I really like this country.

3. When did you find out you like photography? What was your first photo ever taken?
- I began to seriously pursue photography about 2 years ago. My first photograph was a picture of a bee, which I won two competitions.

4. What equipment do you use?
- I filmed the Canon 5D. Sometimes I take pictures on the camera Lubitel-2 and Leica-II, but only for themselves and for pleasure.

5. Do you produce any other kind of art?
- I used to draw, now I just take pictures.

6. Is there anything you couldn´t live without?
I can not live without my loved one and the weather. I can never resist the opportunity to make a couple of good shots in fine weather, even when I'm busy with other things.

7. Where do you go for inspiration?
- For inspiration, I usually look at art-house films, often with a sad ending. For me, this is the best tutor to be creative.

8. Do you have your favourite photographers?
- I have lots of favorites, such as Nick Lisitsyn, Ruslan Lobanov, Gennady Tarakanov.

You can find Sirbion at his deviantArt and take a look at his whole gallery.


Lisa said...

There is absolutely nothing wrong with his English (:
He seems to be lovely.

Again- a great pick!

ryan said...

I agree. I completely understood his answers.

He sounds like a very interesting guy. I like how he watches sad movies for inspiration. I also like his use of vignette and how his photos are focused and uncluttered.

Layla Jaglovs said...

I am glad, you think so. :)
Ryan, that is what makes me feel comfortable about hsi photos, too.

Teresa said...

Great picks Layla.. :) Love to come here and read. Always waiting for your next one. :)

SimoneV said...

Agreed. Who needs English with pretty photos such as these?


Eight Line Poem said...

he's got an amazing gallery! Love his photography, and indeed, who need language, just look at this...