Thursday, 11 November 2010

Katerina Dmitrieva

She seems to be somewhere far from here.. not her body, but her mind. She also seems to be living in different time. She is talented and pretty and nice. She captures her world - that is one of the things that really caught my attention when I browsed through her gallery for the first time. And I had to come back and see the photos again. Again. And then once more. In her older works, she captured more of a darkness and gothic stuff. I admit, I am not really into that. But what she captures now totally got me. Sometimes it feels like there is a piece of me hidden somewhere in the picture and as I look at it, it recognizes me and I recognize that and.. we know we exist. She definitely deserves more attention and feedback. Because for her, capturing feelings is not impossible.

(this one is my favourite one.. I always come back to it)

What she says about herself:

1. Do you remember your first experience with photography? How did you get to being a photographer?
- Relatively recently, almost two years ago i started to treat and percieve photography as something artistic. before this it was just chronological recording of life.

2. Your inspiration and ideas - where do you go for them?
- Ideas are mostly evoked by images from inside, sometimes they are insired by photo-works of other photographers, books, films and inspiration comes when you find people you want to shoot and when your inner state corresponds to it.

3. Age means nothing in the game of love - but here we talk about talent and skills - when is your birthday?
- 16.01.1992

4. Where are you from? Where do you live now?
- Originally i'm from Kaliningrad, Russia, but now i live in Minsk, Belarus.

5. Which time of year is your favourite? (meaning spring, summer, autumn, winter)
- Every season is good in its own way, so it's hard to single out one. Still early fall more appeals to me, the time when it's no longer hot like in summer, but not cold yet.

6. What are your favourite things to do?
- In addition to photographing - Creativity, in any form.

7. Who do you admire? If there is someone you could say that about.
- When talking about creativity, it varies a lot for me. i can pick out some authors whose works please my eye all the time. They are Annet Pehrsson ([link]),Oprisko Oleg ([link]),Alexander Veledzimovic ([link]), Levankova Anna([link]),Katia Smuraga ([link])...
On the whole, there are ordinary people who call forth my admiration, but they are not some popular or well-known ones.

8. What equipment do you use? Any reason for that?
- Because i can't afford something better so far.

You can find Katerina at her deviantArt and enjoy more of her photos.


Alice said...

wow stunning work from such a young artist!

Em! said...

love those pics!

Teresa said...

Oh my god... lovely!

Amy said...

Beautiful photos!