Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Christine Day Lorico

She is a storyteller without any words. In her world, words are not important. When you look at Christine´s pictures, they all seem iridescent - like bath bubbles kids play with. At the same time, there is a child but also an adult, playfulness but also responsibility. There is sadness and there is joy. She captures many kinds of things - fairy tales, fashion, landscapes.. and if you look close enough, you find out that there is more than just a picture. With Christine, it is not simple as that.

The fairy tale of artist:

1. How did it all become? Do you remember if there was some particular reason why you started taking photos?
- I discovered DeviantArt where I can look at beautiful artwork. I uploaded a couple of my friends' photos and got one or two responses. The comments were so friendly. That's how it all started. Encouraging words from strangers :)

2. What does your usual day look like?
- These days?! Haha. I read a couple of chapters from a book, open my laptop soon as I'm up, turn on some music and edit photos or look at photos in the internet to study them. That lasts til 12 am or 2 am. My eyes are already complaining ;p I have shoots weekly so when I don't have any, I'm editing away :) Of course I still sneak out to hang out with friends or just drive around. I'd go insane if everything becomes routine. I need to occasionally surprise myself.

3. What equipment do you use?
- I've recently been using Canon 5d Mark II. 85mm, 70-200mm, 50mm and 20-35mm. Got them all from photography earnings :)

4. Where do you go for inspiration? What makes you keep shooting?
- I don't really look for inspiration. Ideas just pop out. Active imagination helps I guess. I have a little notebook where I list them down complete with descriptions and a storyboard. I figured when you're hooked, you just don't stop most especially when you want to achieve something.

5. What are your interests beside photography?
- Reading and going to new places, experiencing new things, films, music, shopping... I used to sketch and write but not anymore. Does silly dancing in my room count? lol

6. Who are your favourite photographers/painters/musicians/film-makers?
- PAOLO ROVERSI and TIM WALKER! Jeurgen teller and Julia Hetta as well.
I have more favorite musicians than photographers. All in different genres. mindy gledhill, sigur ros, damien rice, bon jovi, black keys, the pierces, led zeppelin, pink floyd... the list could go on and on.
When it comes to paintings and films I just go by, "I like," "It's okay" and "Not my thing."

7. If you were a thing what would it be?
- A book. fiction. feel good. best seller.

9. The last question - Tell us a few things about you.
- I go by instinct rather than by rules. I go by passion rather than practicality. I value family, friends and laughter a lot. I cry easily. I hate politics. And I do what i want because I don't want to grow old with a lot of "what ifs" written on the lines of my face.

For more of Christine go to her website, deviantart or tumblr. Do show her love for sure.


hisham said...

oh, how great you posted something new after all those months! i started following this blog only few days ago in order to browse through all the posts, but im so happy that you (whoever it is that stands behind the blog) keep on doing this wonderful job! thanks and greetings from slovakia!

Faltus said...

damna, great photos!!

emily said...

beautiful photos! i love the nostalgic feeling.

cristi said...

Your blog is endless inspiration. And thank you so much for the lovely comment. xo

joanna gałuszka said...

good concept. i love blog about others artists!

kaitlyn said...

these photos are so wonderful. thank you for sharing. i love the premise of your blog!


Annika Engwall said...

found this blog just a couple of minutes ago and already i'd like to thank you for your blog, i am going to read every single interview:)

Layla said...

@Annika: love to hear that! :)
and thanks everyone for support you give to this blog. spare a word around the world! :)