Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Nikki DeCarlo

Nikki is a great self-portrait photographer. She can express what she wants by her body and the capture. So she is a great model, too. Her photos feel somehow cold and dark, but at the same time, they feel safe and the photos are filled with hope, for those who wait. She is the proof that you don´t need a great expensive camera with many great expensive lens to do a great art. She is the gem of the nowadays photography world of young artists.

Read the story:

1. How did it all become? Do you remember if there was some particular reason why you started taking photos?
- I initially began taking photographs because of sheer curiosity for the arts. Within a very short period of time, though, I realized that through photography, I could express more than just art.

2. What do you express with your photography, what is the message for the world?
- I feel that my goal in photography is to express not only my personal emotions, but emotions that vary through people of the world-something everyone can relate to. I want my pictures to bring people together through these emotions.

3. What equipment do you use?
- Currently, I only use my Nikon D70 and, if I am shooting myself, a tripod. I also have a speedlight, but I rarely use it for anything.

4. Where do you go for inspiration? What makes ou keep shooting?
- Flickr definitely inspires me-any time that I log on, I am instantly inspired. People also play an extremely important role for my inspiration. Watching people's faces intrigues me more than anything-I always want to know what they are feeling at that exact moment, and how I can capture it in a photograph.

5. What are your interests beside photography?
- I am in love with all of the arts. Recently I have started sketching and painting here and there, and I really love it. I also am in love with pottery. Besides that, I also love poetry and going to concerts.

6. Who are your favourite photographers/painters/musicians/film-makers?
- Sally Mann and Gregory Crewdson! I also love Frida Kahlo, Delacroix, Dali, and Goya. As for musicians, I am in love with Conor Oberst/Bright Eyes, Elliott Smith, John Frusciante, Beirut, and Nirvana.

7. If you were a thing what would it be?
- I would be a sunflower.

8. The last question - Tell us a few things about you.
- I am definitely a struggling artist! Right now I am stuck working at Dunkin Donuts, and I cannot wait to leave for Pratt Institute in the fall.

If you love Nikki´s work (and I hope you do as much as I do) you can support her art at flickr.


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šikovná slečna, dělat autoportréty je těžší, než se zdá.

Layla said...

@Sylvie: tak to souhlasim.

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Amazing photos, I love the third one. Nice interview too :)

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I really liked the article, and the very cool blog

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