Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Iulia Antonache

Iulia is such a lovely girl who deserves as much artistic attention as there is. To be honest, I have not much more to say so here is a itsy-bitsy example of her work and a few questions Iulia was kind to answer for us.

1. How did it all become? Do you remember if there was some particular reason/person/impuls that you started taking photographs?

 - It all started as a joke almost four years ago, mostly because I was bored and I found taking pictures a playful and amusing way of killing time. I didn't take it too serious then, but time passed and it  all became a huge part of my life, turning into a way of expressing myself, also because I wasn't that good with words. Later on I felt the urge to materialize  my thoughts into something that others can visualise and maybe connect with. 

2. What are your favourite places to shoot? Do you prefer nature or a city? 

 - I absolutely love nature, but I find the city a more challenging, exciting and unrestrained environment with plenty of new places and resources to exploit.  It's something about the different vibrations of the city, the weariness merged with freshness, that make my ideas mingle. 

3. What do you express with your photography, what are you wanting to express through the pictures? 

 - A certain mood of a person, object, space seen through my personal emotional state at that moment.

4. Who are your favourite photographers? 

 - Tim Walker, Oleg Oprisco, Mathieu Vladimir Alliard, Scott Schuman, Mirjan Rooze

5. Where do you go for inspiration? Do you plan your photographs ahead or do you go out and shoot right away? 

 - I used to take mostly spontaneous shots, which I love because of their honesty and that sudden unpredictable impulse that is required to take a photo, and I still do, but recently I've also tried to plan my photographs ahead and take up new challenges. 

6. What equipment do you use? 
 - My Canon EOS 500D which has been very loyal ever since I got it and my 50mm f/1.8 lens.

7. Is there something you would love to try and experience in the photography industry? 

- Yes, working with Tim Walker and a photoshoot for Vogue

8. If you could choose any place in the world and photograph there, where would you go? 

 - New York City, because of its diversity of people.

9. What are your dreams for 2013? 

 - I would love to make a photo book or magazine.

10. In your work, what are you proud of the most? 

 -  Honesty. I think that the most important thing about the photos I took is that, although they didn't always end up as I wanted, they've always been a public manifestation of my emotional state at that certain time in my life. 

11. Describe yourself in a few words.

 - Moody, loving, sensitive, enthusiastic.

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Eatlovemerry said...

These photos are so gorgeous!

raluca marie wolfski said...

oh, yes, Iulia makes indeed beautiful photographs.
sometimes I look up to her albums when I feel that my inspiration for making photos lets me down.

Leen said...

these pictures are lovely! she captures the light perfectly <3