Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Ivana Patarcic

Ivana is a very talented, not very well known photographer. Personally, I think that is a loss because her photos can really bright your day. She is mostly a fashion photographer. In her fashion portraits, there is something magical, fairy-tale-like. It is like a little kid would be inside of her, wanting to dream on. Why should we stop dreaming when we grow up? Don´t. Here you see what beautiful photography it can improve and make more interesting.

Here is a little fairy-tale from Ivana herself:

1. Do you remember your first experience with photography? How did you get to being a photographer?
- At the age of 13 I was introduced to the photography in primary school, where they had a darkroom, which gave an opportunity to develop my own photographs. I took pictures of my friends mainly. I really enjoyed their reaction to my photographs. During my high school I didn`t have much free time to enjoy photography, but it was always in my mind. Recently my boyfriend and I travelled on our motorbike from Croatia to Ireland. My passion reemerged during this trip, and I decided to pursue the career in photography. I enrolled shortly after in a photography course in Dublin, and have been doing this ever since.

2. Where do you go for inspiration and what makes you keep shooting?
- I don`t think that one particular place inspires me. I find that being alone with my own thoughts while observing the world guides me to take photographs. I was always interested the most in street photography and that would be the biggest impact on my other forms of photography.

3. Which time of year is your favourite? (meaning spring, summer, autumn, winter)
- Winter is my favourite time of the year to take photographs. I prefer to photograph in weather conditions which provide more interesting perspective, such as mist, rain, etc.

4. What are your favourite things to do?
- - enjoying tasty food with my friends & family
- going to the various exhibitions/ museums
- looking for new photography books
- looking for inspiration online
- drink way too much coffee
- going on excursions on the motorbike with my boyfriend
- dreaming

5. Your favourite photographers/painters/musicians/film-makers?
- Artists such as Frida Kahlo, the work of Abelardo Morell, Sally Mann, Joel Meyerowitz and many other photographers that are making our lives richer every time we look at their works. But for me is the most important if I m surrounded with amazingly talented artists, stylists, photographers which are always very close to me. Having friends which open my horizons more and more with every shoot I do make me feel completed and willing to produce something special.

6. What equipment do you use?
- I am currently using Canon's 5D mark II, with the 50 mm 1.4 lens, but I would love to spend more time concentrating on film cameras. I hope in the next year I would buy one of the medium format cameras. I just bought an old polaroid from 70s and totally enjoying it.

7. Is there anything you couldn't live without?
-Photography became a huge part of my life, and I think I couldnt imagine it without. Of course family, boyfriend & my friends. Simple things in life that we take for granted.

8. You have one wish - what would it be?
- To have photography in my life as long as I can.

9. And the last question - how would you like to be remembered?
-I want to be remembered as the girl who went against the odds to get where she did. For doing the right thing. For making a difference.

To show support to Ivana´s work go to her flickr and like, comment and like again.

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