Saturday, 12 November 2011

Santiago Gamero

"The euphoria you experience when you are first falling in love."
This is a quote I found on Santiago´s blog. That is how I feel when looking at his photographs. He has been one of my favourite blogs/photographers for quite a long time now and everytime he uploaded a new work of his, I was thrilled - because I knew he is not going to let me down - and he never did. Everytime his photographs had something magical, catchy, mysterious.. something that made me come back to his works and look at it again and again.

Read his own words:

1. First of all, how did you get to photography and what was your very first photo taken?
- I don't remember exactly when I got to photography, maybe when I was 12 or 13.

2. What equipment do you use?
- I use my canon eos 500 (film) and sometimes my instax 210

3. Where do you live? Do you wish you lived somewhere else? (if yes, why so?)
- I live in Maracaibo, a very warm city from Venezuela, but I would like to live somewhere with rainy weather and with a big forest or something.

4. Your favourite photographer/painter/film-maker?
- Julia Hetta, Paolo Roversi, Tim Walker, Stephanie Di Giusto, these are some of my favourite photographers.

What are a few things you can´t live without?
- food!, I think it's the only thing I can't live without hahahaaha

6. What are your hobbies besides photography?
- I love to draw and paint. I used to do it more frequently than now.

7. Where do you find inspiration? Are there any people (famous or
less) that inspire you by just being?
- Everything that is related to woman and nature inspires me, but also I considered that some special people in my life also inspire me a lot.

8. Do you have any habbit you would like not to have?
- I would like not to care about things that are really unnecessary in life.

9. And the last question -
what is the most important lesson life has taught you?
- If you really really love something with all your soul, you need to give the best of you, no matter what. Just do it without thinking or hesitating.

You should really go and show this amazing artist some support and love. You can do so at his blog and flickr.


Dennie said...

pretty photos!

Rainbow Veins said...

wow his photographs are simply amazing and very inspiring!

kaitlyn said...

these photos are so exciting! i love the second one especially. thanks for sharing!

xx kaitlyn

Anonymous said...

oh these are amazing

Betty said...

love these photos :)

Iulia M said...

all these photographs are so expressive and so great..sometimes when you see this kind of pictures it's like all the great adjectives you know vanish from your head!

Vi said...

Damn, he's really good...

Nadine Flatt said...

I just came across you blogg & wow it's so lovely! definately comeing back here!

a bird flies by said...

it's always lovely to return to your blog. i will check him out right after this message, thank you! x

Joanna Paterek said...

so beutiful photos!...

Mafalda Castro said...

Such beautiful pictures!

Louise said...

I just found your blog and love it! I especially love this photographer how amazing I'm going to check out more about him now...
secret stare

Teui ♥ said...

omg <3 amazing pics

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